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Cannabis Business Summit & Expo

San Francisco, CA

Midwest Cannabis Business Conference

AUG. 26-27, 2020
Detroit, MI

Zachary Pitts

CEO, Goddess Delivers

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM - Developing a Successful Cannabis Delivery Business

Zachary began working in the cannabis industry cultivating and producing edibles and then co-founded the delivery service Goddess Delivers in 2011. Following the passage of the MCRSA, Zach joined with fellow delivery operators in Los Angeles to organize the Los Angeles Delivery Alliance, and, in conjunction with other local cannabis industry activists, created the Southern California Coalition (SCC). The SCC united different cannabis businesses into one voice devoted to building a healthy industry that includes all stakeholders. Zach worked towards the fair licensing and regulation of delivery on local and state levels through involvement in the campaign for Proposition M in Los Angeles. He lobbied for the delivery-only licensing clarifications in the Governor’s Trailer Bill (after creating and directing a coalition of regional delivery groups called the California Cannabis Delivery Alliance), and provided extensive and detailed input on draft regulations from the BCC.