Cannabis Cannabis Advisors

Christopher Stefan

Christopher Stefan has valued commercial real estate assets in Colorado since 2007 as a broker, advisor, and principal. In 2013, with the advent of legalized marijuana in Colorado, he shifted the focus of his business to the intersection of commercial real estate brokerage and cannabis. Desarollo Real Estate through its Cannabis Capital Advisors division sells vertically integrated dispensaries, cultivation and production businesses, zoned and qualifying commercial real estate, and licenses for dispensing, cultivating, or producing cannabis. Mr. Stefan works with other industry professionals to price, market, and sell cannabis-related business assets every day, and has provided valuation, brokerage, or consulting services to over 600 businesses and properties in the cannabis industry to assist his clients with capital raising, resolving partnership disputes, business assessment, disposition, and acquisition. In addition, Mr. Stefan has been admitted as an expert witness on cannabis business and real estate valuation in 8 legal proceedings (in Colorado and Nevada) is considered an authority on the subject by many attorneys, industry operators, and publications. Mr. Stefan’s very unique expertise in the cannabis space, makes him one of, if not the, most experienced cannabis real estate valuation expert in the country.

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