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Chad Steelman

CEO, Tohnic Holdings Inc.

INCBA @ NCIA: CLE for Lawyers

Chad Steelman is the founder and owner of the vertically-integrated cannabis business, Tohnic (Humboldt Marijuana Co,), in Humboldt County, California, where he operates several cultivation sites, a type 7 manufacturing facility, as well as distribution and processing facilities. Chad grew up in San Angelo, Texas and moved to Boulder, Colorado in 1992. Chad operated his first indoor cultivation in 1993 and graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a B.A. in Geography (GIS). Chad began growing on a commercial outdoor and mixed light basis in 2009, and he started his first commercial cannabis business under the precursor to MAUCRSA in 2015. Chad’s business has been approved as the tenth (10th) annual cultivation license in California and as the 1st license over 10,000 sq./ft. Chad’s business is actively involved in 12 other license applications.