Director of Operations
Lucy Sky Cannabis Boutique

Larina Scofield

Larina Scofield is the Director of Operations for Lucy Sky Cannabis Boutique. She is an active leader in compliant, consumer focused facilities in Colorado and serves on the NCIA Retail Committee. She moved to Colorado in 2012 from Louisiana with aspirations of pursuing a career in cannabis. Larina started as an entry level Cannabis Advisor; from there, she became the GM of a startup cannabis boutique (Lucy Sky) and helped to launch and operate three additional Lucy Sky stores over the past five years. Larina is an expert on the retail floor, having spent many valuable hours understanding the basis and heart of a dispensary, and has top certifications for Colorado compliance. During her time at Lucy Sky, Larina has progressed the company from a single store operation to a successful multi-store enterprise. Through her roles of Training Manager, Compliance Officer, and Onboarding Director, she has created an environment that offers an unparalleled customer experience which has generated satisfied and loyal customers. Larina believes that genuine connections, employee and customer education, and excellent branding are what make for a successful operation.

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