Latin American Director
Bay Area Latino Cannabis Alliance

Alvaro Portillo

Hello, my name is Alvaro Portillo I was born and raised in El Salvador. I’m a first-generation immigrant and professional cultivator. I am certified through Oaksterdam University’s Horticulture and CannaBusiness programs on a scholarship I received at the Success Center in San Francisco with their Equity for the Industry workshop series, a cannabis business startup workshop run by Angela white. I have worked in the legal California cannabis industry for the last 6 years. I fell in love with the cannabis industry after seeing all of the benefits and positive impacts that the plants have on the lives of patients, family, and friends. I had the opportunity to help set up a company in the California legal market in operations and learn how to grow cannabis from a scientific standpoint. I was involved in the design of the facility and helped with the implementation of standard operating procedures from cloning and propagation to pheno hunting, flowering harvesting, curing, and packaging with compliance. And ensure that only the best products are taken to market time after time. I am currently working on my own business plan to fill the needs of an ever-changing cannabis market. In my new role as Balca Latin America Director, I have the opportunity to create relationships in Latin America with like-minded companies and organizations in the cannabis industry. Malcolm X once said, "As long as we think that we should get Mississippi straightened out before we worry about the Congo, you’ll never get Mississippi straightened out." And this applies to the cannabis industry as well.

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