High Maintenance Trim Co., LLC

Arabella McCreary

Prior to jumping into the cannabis industry Arabella spent 15 years as an infrastructure Project Manager with J.P. Morgan Chase. Specializing in Information systems projects, this gave her the necessary skills and experience to thrive in the evolving and constantly changing California regulated cannabis industry. Her first business, a retail shop (non-cannabis) was in 2015 and in 2018 Ms. McCreary opened High Maintenance Trim Co., an ancillary business which offers services with trained staff to licensed cannabis cultivators seeking help with garden help, harvesting, trimming and packaging. She specializes in hand trim services, but her services have adapted to the many changing needs of her clients including automation. As her relationships and trust with clients have evolved over the years so have her services and has become a true “one stop shop”. As President and CEO of High Maintenance Trim Co, Ms. Mcreary has a strong commitment to social equity and helping the underserved communities. Mother of 5 she is originally from Oakland, California and she knows first-hand how the war on drugs impacted the community as well as the industry over the years. Arabella also does consulting for clients with expansion plans, or initial setup & training of staff and post harvest processing rooms. She attends city council meetings as regulations are decided on and written and intends on being the voice to help pave the way for other entrepreneurs that want to join the industry. She most recently consulted a client in Canada and although the regulations may not be identical, she is able to share best practices and operating procedures to help make operators successful. The plant is the plant no matter where in the world it's blossoming!! 🌱

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