Chemical Engineer
Code Unlimited

Jose Martinez-Fernandez

Dr. Martinez Fernandez has been working with cannabis processors across the western US and has expertise guiding businesses on employing different extraction solvents (i.e., ethanol, hexane, pentane, etc.) and post-processing operations. His expertise lies with hazardous materials classifications and management, process engineering, equipment verification, and electrical classifications. Dr. Martinez-Fernandez has worked with processors of varying production capacities ranging from 5,000-10,000L/ hour. He is a Chemical Engineer that developed a love for chemistry and engineering while growing up in Honduras through his local educators and field trips to local chemical processing facilities. With over ten years of working experience and three degrees under his belt, Jose joined the Code Unlimited team to work with industrial, laboratory, and manufacturing clients to develop creative and compliant strategies for research, education, and commercial facilities. Jose uses his scientific forward-thinking and clear communication skills to lead multiple projects in those industries. Jose is an expert in hazardous material inventory systems as well as the management of those classified chemicals. He also evaluates and advises on process hazard analysis, electrical classifications, dust hazard analysis, and control areas to ensure clients are meeting all compliance guidelines and operating safely in their communities.

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