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Cannabis Business Summit & Expo

San Francisco, CA

Midwest Cannabis Business Conference

AUG. 26-27, 2020
Detroit, MI

Laurel (Lo) Friesen

Founder and CEO, Heylo

1:30 PM - 2:30 PM - What You Need to Know About Food Safety and GMP Certification in the Cannabis Industry

Laurel (Lo) Friesen is the founder, CEO and Chief Extractor of Heylo. Upon obtaining a degree in Environmental Chemistry from Northwestern University, Lo followed a passion for medicine to work in a renowned gastroenterology lab in Chicago, IL. The experience inspired her to explore cannabis as medicine and to enter the emerging industry.

Lo joined Eden Labs, a leading CO2 extraction equipment manufacturer, to build a Research and Development department. Leading a team of 5 people she managed the development of Eden Labs’ newest system, the FX2 Supercritical CO2 Extractor.

After working with other cannabis processors, Lo launched Heylo in 2017 with a mission to enable the best possible experiences with cannabis through an understanding of the chemistry of cannabis extracts. Heylo’s foundation as a leader in education and transparency in cannabis contributed to Leafly naming the brand “Best Overall Company” in Washington State (Dec ’18).

Lo and the Heylo team are committed to education and transparency by facilitating community engagement. Heylo hosts educational events, a concert series, public tours, CANN-STEM events, and Heylo Sessions events. Her personal mission is to provide cannabis users with as much information as possible in order to achieve the best experience with cannabis and enhance life with cannabis.