Grupo Flor

Gavin Kogan

Gavin is the Chairman and CEO of Grupo Flor, an integrated group of cannabis enterprises headquartered in Monterey County, California. Grupo Flor is recognized as one of the state’s industry leaders with core operations in cannabis farming, consumer goods production and expanding retail operations. As one of California's earliest cannabis business attorneys, Gavin was an early policy advocate and represented many of California’s early cannabis pioneers. Gavin left the private practice of law in 2014 to co-found Indus Holding Co., now known as Lowell Farms Co., a publicly traded farming, manufacturer and distribution enterprise located in Salinas, California (CSE:LOWL; OTCQX:LOWLF). In addition to co-founding Indus Holding Company and Grupo Flor, Gavin has advised and served on the board of myriad cannabis companies, ancillary enterprises and industry trade groups. Gavin is a member of the California State Bar Association, the National Cannabis Industry Associations ("NCIA"), the California Cannabis Industry Associations ("CCIA"), the National Cannabis Bar Association (“NCBA”) and is a co-founding member of the California Cannabis Manufacturer's Association ("CCMA"). Gavin is a frequent panel speaker and guest contributor to cannabis industry publications.

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