Senior Counsel
Perkins Coie

Andrew Kline

Andrew Kline advises companies involved in all aspects of cannabis law and public policy, regulatory compliance, due diligence, civil litigation, and investigations. He brings a rare combination of public policy, cannabis, and prosecutorial experience to the firm, following decades of service in the highest levels of government and in the private and nonprofit sectors. Andrew also has a deep and celebrated background in coalition creation and management. Drawing on his nearly 15 years of experience as a federal prosecutor, and public service working as policy advisor to then-Vice President Biden and counsel to then-Senator Biden, Andrew represents clients in some of most sensitive areas of law and policy. Most recently, Andrew served as public policy director for the National Cannabis Industry Association, the leading trade organization for the state-legal cannabis industry. There, he led public policy development and created and led its policy council—the “think tank” for the cannabis industry. Under Andrew’s leadership, the council developed public policies to promote, grow, and protect state-legal cannabis businesses. The council’s work served to inform and influence members of the U.S. Congress, Executive Branch officials, state legislators and regulators, the media, and industry stakeholders on matters critical to the future of the burgeoning industry.

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