Founder and Principal Attorney
Law Offices of Omar Figueroa

Omar Figueroa

Omar Figueroa is the founder and principal attorney of the Law Offices of Omar Figueroa, one of the leading cannabis licensing, regulatory compliance, and intellectual property law firms in California. With more than twenty one years of experience at the vanguard of cannabis law in the Golden State, he is widely respected as an industry expert. He frequently speaks at events and has taught several continuing legal education (CLE) seminars related to cannabis law and legal ethics. Omar is a graduate of Yale College, Stanford Law School, and the Trial Lawyers College. He has also completed an Executive Education program for directors of corporate boards at the Wharton School in Philadelphia. He is a Director of the National Cannabis Industry Association as well as a Director of the California Cannabis Tourism Association. He is also a Founding Lifetime Member and former Director of the International Cannabis Bar Association, a Lifetime Member of the NORML Legal Committee, and recognized with the Distinguished Counsel’s Award by NORML. Omar is the author of the legal reference works California Cannabis Laws and Regulations 2021 (available ), California Cannabis Laws and Regulations 2020 (also available in a Kindle Edition), California Cannabis Laws and Regulations: 2019 Edition (also available in a Kindle Edition), California Cannabis Laws: MAUCRSA Edition (also available in a Kindle edition), and Cannabis Codes of California: Legalization Edition.

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