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AUG. 26-27, 2020
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Emmett Reistroffer

Director of Compliance and Licensing, Lighthouse Strategies, LLC

1:30 PM Is Your Jurisdiction Ready for Social Consumption?

Emmett is a passionate advocate, entrepreneur and government relations and public policy professional; holding a unique, well-positioned role in the cannabis legalization movement and the legal cannabis industry. Emmett’s professional roots and passion stem from his first medical cannabis campaign in his home state of South Dakota, where Emmett built a campaign from the ground up by speaking to the press, raising money, and organizing volunteers. Emmett partnered with the former chairman of the MS Society to form South Dakota Compassion, the state’s first medical cannabis advocacy group. Soon after, Emmett launched a non-partisan political consulting company, and provided strategic and field support to cannabis legalization campaigns in Oregon, Montana, Washington DC, and Nevada, and played a key leadership role in the historic passage of Colorado’s Amendment 64. Emmett also led Denver’s successful ballot campaign for cannabis social consumption and served on the city’s implementation task force.

Emmett worked at Denver Relief Consulting for over three years as a policy researcher and business consultant, served on a local Liquor & Medical Marijuana Licensing board, and joined Lighthouse Strategies in January 2018 where he worked as General Manager of a Nevada based manufacturer, producing Dixie Brands, Mindy’s Artisanal Edibles and Two Roots Brewing, the world’s first legal and commercially available cannabis-infused beer product. After nearly tripling production outputs and launching multiple new product lines, Emmett recently transitioned from GM to Director of Government Relations and Licensing, overseeing licensing and compliance at all Lighthouse entities. By promoting positive community impacts and a responsible cannabis industry, Emmett has quickly become a recognized expert on cannabis policy, and particularly social consumption. Emmett recently helped open the first licensed cannabis consumption music venue in Denver Colorado and is working with industry leaders and hospitality and entertainment partners to open consumption venues across the country.