CEO + Founder
Endo Industries

Nancy Do

Nancy Do, CEO + Founder of Endo Industries, is a queer, BIPOC and social equity operator who has over 13 years of experience in the California cannabis industry. Her focus is the intersection of legacy cannabis, equity, tech and plant genetics.  Nancy obtained her B.A. in Sociology and Education from University of California, Berkeley. Before getting into cannabis, she was a sommelier and brought her expertise in the wine industry to cannabis. Since 2009, she has operated every part of the supply chain including cultivation, manufacturing and distribution but her focus has always been in plant genetics. Nancy built one of the largest cannabis nurseries in CA before getting raided in 2016 and has since then rebuilt Endo with an advanced tissue culture lab servicing the legacy and equity breeders, growers and brands in CA.  Her expertise in a wide array of sectors makes her a rare asset, as she has a deep understanding of the seed to distribution lifecycle through the lens of diversity, equity, and abolishing and rebuilding from the War on Drugs. Her mission is to build a platform that enables holistic healing through plant medicine, art and community.

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