Mike Coner

Mike Coner has built a career leveraging a unique combination of hospitality, entrepreneurship, and technology. Whether it is creating a chain of high volume hospitality Bars, running a national point of sale software compliance platform, creating a compliant go-to-market strategy for license holders and cannabis products across the US, he is known for inventing new methods as the market evolves with compliance in mind. His tenacity and creativity have propelled him to become an influencer of marketing and brand activation and helped to transform cannabis point of sale technology by spearheading the development of ezGreen™ Point of Sale Cannabis Compliance software. Mike has also worked with Cannabis and hemp companies for the past 7 years in regulations, plant-touching, products + services verticals, and go-to-market strategies in the Cannabis industry. Mike joined ASTM D37.05 and co-authored Cannabis Cyber Security + Transportation worldwide standards and serves as the technical lead on both committees. Finally, is the author of over 50 dispensary blogs covering compliance and retail optimization.

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