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Roxanne Dennant

Co-Founder & CEO, Fruit Slabs

Roxanne Dennant, 31, is a master at her craft in building brands in the cannabis industry. She is the co-founder and CEO of Fruit Slabs, California’s premier healthy edibles, and consults for many other cannabis brands such as GoldDrop, The Clear, and White Rabbit High Tea.

Her passion for cannabis, it’s medicinal benefits and the stories surrounding it have been Roxanne’s major driving force over the past ten-plus years.

Roxanne is an alumnus of Virginia Commonwealth University where her academic focus was the reformation of Cannabis Laws and she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science.

Post college, Roxanne moved to New York City where she went on to explore various industries that spanned from art consulting, customized art creation, and brand ambassador for Leblon Cachaça. Roxanne learned experiences, skills and knowledge from outside industries she would learn to harness and ultimately bring with her into the cannabis space.

Roxanne attributes her passion for branding and team building from her time spent with the global giant, Red Bull. Since her time at RedBull, Roxanne has spearheaded sales for multiple international fabric and denim manufacturers in Los Angeles and been a part of the creative team in building multiple cannabis brands.