Region: Cannabis Business Summit & Expo
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Gene Galyuk

Chief Technology Officer , Capna Systems

1:30 PM - 2:30 PM - Designing Your Extraction Facility For Success

Gene co-founded Capna Labs, in 2014. Capna Labs was launched as a fully integrated extraction, refinement, and formulation service provider that primarily focused on CO2 extraction technologies that were the most current at that time. Within a year of operation, it was determined that the CO2 systems were simply incapable of the necessary throughput required to run a successful extraction facility.

In 2015, Gene co-founded The Bloom Brand. The Bloom Brand is one of California’s top vape brands and quickly took over the manufacturing capacity at Capna Labs. It was during the ramp up of The Bloom Brand that Gene was tasked with improving the extraction capacity internally at Capna Labs.