Region: Cannabis Business Summit & Expo
Meet us in San Francisco, June 15-17, 2020!

Cody Hitchcock

Horticulturist , Smokey's: A 420 House

2:45 PM - 3:45 PM - Establishing Best Practices for Sustainable Cultivation Management

Cody Hitchcock is a horticulturist and grower who has researched and performed field trials with a variety of plants and organic growing techniques to create sustainable and economical solutions for producing high-quality crops.

Before entering the cannabis industry, Cody received an honorary degree in horticulture crop production from Colorado State University, and from there transitioned into the small farm’s sector where he managed a wide range of fruits and vegetables across multiple operations embracing organic production standards.
Cody Hitchcock now works for Smokey’s 420, where he has helped transition operations to living soil organic methodologies with zero waste initiatives. Since the transition, Smokey’s has seen very significant and continued increases in yield and quality. Through Smokey’s, Cody continually implements field trials and ongoing education involving a diversity of approaches and continued research encompassing microbiology, nutrition, environmental systems, and IPM strategy.

Smokey’s 420 is available for private consultation, cooperation engagements, informational exchanges, and anything involving the betterment of sustainability and cannabis production solutions.