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Thank you for your interest in covering the Cannabis Business Summit.  To be considered for a press pass, please enter the information below after reviewing the Press Pass Requirement section below:

Cannabis Business Summit Press Pass Requirements

Cannabis Business Summit Media Passes are only provided to full-time reporters and freelancers who work for established print, online, or broadcast news organizations.

Each applicant must follow the application guidelines below.  Please keep in mind that completing the application does not guarantee that you will receive a press pass. NCIA and GSMI will review your application and notify you if your pass has been approved.

NCIA and GSMI reserve the right to revoke Summit Press Passes at any time. Press Passes will not be granted to anyone whose principal purpose for attending the Summit is, in our judgment, for reasons other than covering it as working news media.

Please read the Press Pass requirements below and apply accordingly.

Print and Newswire Reporters

To apply as a print or newswire reporter, please provide:

A link to a bylined industry-related article written by you for your publication.

  • Article must be have been published within the last 12 months.
  • Copy must clearly show the name of your publication and your byline.

Freelance Reporters

The Summit accepts full-time freelance reporters attending on behalf of established news organizations. Marketing, PR, business development, or other industry executives who contribute bylined articles to news outlets, online sites, or blogs are not eligible for Summit Press Passes.

To apply as a freelance reporter, please provide:

A link to a bylined, industry-related article written by you.

  • Article must have been published within the last 6 months.
  • Copy must clearly show the name of the publication and your byline.

If you have not written about the industry before, but are on assignment for an established news organization that has, you may submit a link to an industry-related article published by the news organization, along with signed confirmation from an editor at the organization, stating that you are on assignment.

Online Reporters

Only reporters from commercial news websites qualify for Summit Press Passes.

Qualifying commercial news websites must follow the below guidelines:

  • Website must be previously established.
  • Website must be updated regularly with original and current industry news.
  • Websites must post original, dated, industry-related news at least once per week.
  • Website content must extend beyond newsletters, links, forums, personal diaries, opinion, or personal analysis.

Fan sites, personal blogs, and website designers or creators do not qualify for media credentials.

To apply as an online reporter, please provide:

A link to a bylined, industry-related article written by you for your online publication

  • Article must be written by you and published within the last 2 months.
  • Copy must clearly show the name of your publication and your byline.

Please Note: Company websites, fan sites, personal blogs, and news aggregator sites DO NOT qualify for Media Passes. Website copy writers, designers, creators, marketers, sales, business development staff, etc., DO NOT qualify for Media Passes.

Broadcast Reporters

To apply as a broadcast journalist or photographer, please provide:

A link to an article or page displaying your name on the masthead in an editorial capacity; OR

An email from a producer/editor on company email stating that you are covering the Summit on assignment.

NOT ELIGIBLE for Press Pass

If any of the conditions below apply, please proceed to Attendee Registration.

Any marketing, public relations, advertising, sales, art director/designer, publisher, associate publisher, brand executive, IT, business development or other NON-EDITORIAL professionals of any media organization

Any contributor or freelancer, who also works in any marketing/PR, business development, executive or IT capacity, etc., and contributes bylined articles or blog postings to news organizations.

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