Region: Cannabis Business Summit & Expo
Meet us in San Francisco, June 15-17, 2020!

Keynote Sessions

A Conversation with Bruce Linton, Hosted by Seth Adler

Tuesday, July 23 | 10:00 AM – 11:15 AM | Grand Ballroom

Former CEO of Canopy Growth Corporation (CGC), Bruce Linton will be on the main stage for the General Session on the opening day of the Cannabis Business Summit & Expo. Linton will share his unique outlook for the industry during an impactful sit-down conversation with Seth Adler. He will address the big issues facing the industry today amid a myriad of topics such as the third quarter outlook for 2019, what’s happening now in international expansion in Germany and Colombia.

Linton previously served as the CEO of Canopy Growth Corporation (CGC), a world-leading diversified cannabis and hemp company, offering distinct brands and curated cannabis varieties.

The Latest in Cannabis Research and The Impact on Athletes

Wednesday, July 24 | 10:00 AM – 11:15 AM | Grand Ballroom

Join us for the second-day opening session with one of the leading researchers in the field of cannabis as he discusses the science behind cannabis in recovery from injury with a panel of major league athletes.

The UCLA Cannabis Research Initiative (UCLA-CRI) is one of the first academic programs in the world dedicated to the study of cannabis. Dr. Chen will discuss his research on the therapeutic potential of cannabis on the body. He is joined by Anna Symonds (USA Rugby), Nate Jackson (NFL), Frank Shamrock (MMA), and Jim McAlpine (Creator of 420 Games) as they share their own experiences and benefits of using the plant for recovery.

Dr. Chen, MD/MBA is a physician, researcher, and social entrepreneur pioneering cannabis research and commercialization. He is a thought leader on cannabis policy, science, and business, and has worked at the intersection of these areas for the last 5 years to accelerate research and education into the diverse impacts of cannabis legalization on society. At age 29, Dr. Chen became one of the youngest Directors of a major university research initiative in America when he became the Founder and Executive Director of the UCLA Cannabis Research Initiative, one of the first university programs in the world dedicated to cannabis.