How to Make Cannabis Tincture Using Glycerin

cannabis tincture with glycerin

I'll share my method to craft a potent cannabis tincture using glycerin for peak effectiveness. Begin by decarboxylating cannabis at 240°F for 30-40 minutes to activate cannabinoids. Sanitize equipment thoroughly to maintain tincture quality. Fill a glass jar with decarboxylated cannabis and cover it completely with glycerin for maximum extraction. Allow the mixture to sit for at least 2 weeks, shaking daily for better infusion. Strain the tincture using a fine filter to remove plant material. Store the strained tincture in an airtight container. For further details on perfecting your cannabis glycerin tincture, explore the full guide.

Key Takeaways

  • Decarboxylate cannabis to activate cannabinoids for potent tincture.
  • Sanitize equipment to prevent contamination and ensure safety.
  • Fill jar with decarbed cannabis to maximize THC extraction.
  • Cover cannabis completely with glycerin for effective infusion.
  • Allow mixture to sit for at least 2 weeks for potent tincture.

Decarboxylate Cannabis

To activate the cannabinoids in cannabis effectively for potent tincture production, decarboxylation is an essential process that involves heating the plant material at 240°F in an oven for 30-40 minutes.

Decarboxylation is vital as it converts non-psychoactive THCA into psychoactive THC, enhancing the potency of the glycerin tinctures. This conversion process guarantees that the tincture will have maximum effectiveness.

By activating the cannabinoids through decarboxylation, the medicinal and psychoactive effects of the tincture are optimized. Properly decarboxylating the cannabis is fundamental to unleashing the full potential of the cannabinoids, providing users with a tincture that's both potent and beneficial.

Decarboxylating cannabis is the first step in creating a high-quality tincture that offers the desired effects.

Sanitize Equipment

Sanitizing equipment for making cannabis tincture with glycerin is a critical step to guarantee contamination is prevented and safe consumption is assured. Proper sanitation involves cleaning all utensils, jars, and tools with hot, soapy water before use. It is also essential to disinfect surfaces where tincture preparation will take place to maintain cleanliness. Using clean and sanitized equipment is vital for maintaining the integrity and quality of the final cannabis glycerin tincture. Sanitizing equipment is a standard practice in herbal extraction processes to uphold hygiene standards and avoid any potential health risks.

EquipmentCleaning MethodImportance
UtensilsHot, soapy waterPrevents contamination
JarsHot, soapy waterEnsures safe consumption
ToolsHot, soapy waterMaintains cleanliness

Fill Jar With Cannabis

Before proceeding with the infusion process, prepare a glass jar and fill it with decarboxylated cannabis to initiate the creation of cannabis tincture with glycerin. Make sure the plant material is evenly spread in the jar to facilitate the extraction process with vegetable glycerin.

Distribute the decarboxylated cannabis evenly to maximize the extraction of THC and other cannabinoids. The quality and potency of the tincture will depend on this step, so it's important to cover the cannabis completely with glycerin.

Properly infusing the plant material with glycerin is essential for a well-infused cannabis glycerin tincture. Avoid compacting the cannabis to allow for optimal circulation and absorption of glycerin, setting the stage for a potent final product.

Cover With Glycerin

For best results in extraction and infusion, make sure the decarboxylated cannabis in the jar is completely immersed in glycerin. Ensuring full coverage is pivotal when making Glycerin Tincture.

Here are a few essential steps to cover cannabis with glycerin effectively:

  1. Submerge Fully: Make sure all the cannabis material is entirely covered by glycerin.
  2. Check Regularly: Monitor the jar periodically to guarantee the cannabis remains submerged.
  3. Shake Gently: Give the jar a light shake to help distribute the glycerin evenly.
  4. Seal Tightly: Close the jar securely to prevent any leakage and to maintain the quality of the tincture.

Properly covering the cannabis with glycerin will result in a potent tincture with a great shelf life.

Allow Mixture to Sit

Allow the cannabis-glycerin mixture to sit undisturbed for a minimum of 2 weeks to guarantee the perfect infusion of cannabinoids and terpenes. During this period, it's crucial to let the mixture settle naturally without disturbing it. To guarantee even distribution, shake the jar every day if possible. Store the tincture in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight. The waiting time may vary depending on personal preference, but the longer it sits, the more potent and flavorful the tincture will become. Patience is key in this step to achieve a well-infused cannabis glycerin tincture. Below is a table outlining key points to remember during this waiting period:

Allow Mixture to Sit
Let it sit for 2 weeks
Shake the jar daily
Store in a cool place

Strain the Tincture

To achieve a clean and potent cannabis glycerin tincture, the next step is straining the mixture using a filter like cheesecloth to remove any plant material or debris. Here are some key points to keep in mind during the straining process:

  1. Use of Filter: Employ a fine filter such as cheesecloth to separate the liquid tincture from the plant matter effectively.
  2. Thorough Straining: Guarantee thorough straining to eliminate all solid particles for a smooth final product.
  3. Enhancing Potency: Multiple filtrations can enhance the potency and clarity of the tincture by removing additional plant residues.
  4. Storage: Once strained, store the tincture in an airtight container to maintain its quality and effectiveness over time.

Store in Fridge

Storing the cannabis glycerin tincture in the fridge is crucial to prolong its shelf life and maintain its potency and freshness. When refrigerated, the THC glycerin tincture can last long, preserving its therapeutic properties. Make sure to store it in a mason jar to protect it from light and air, which can degrade the tincture over time. Keeping the tincture in the fridge guarantees that it stays potent and ready for use whenever needed. The cool environment of the refrigerator helps maintain the integrity of the cannabinoids and terpenes present in the tincture, ensuring that each dose is as effective as the last.

THC Glycerin Tincture Storage Tips
Store in FridgeUse Mason JarKeep away from light
Ensure airtight sealCheck expiry dateRotate stock regularly

Start With Low Doses

Refrigerating the cannabis glycerin tincture is key for long-term potency and freshness, and starting with low doses is a smart approach to gauge individual tolerance levels and avoid overconsumption. When delving into the world of cannabis tinctures, it's crucial to begin with caution and gradually increase the dosage for best effects. Here are four tips to guide your journey:

  1. Begin with a dose low enough to assess your tolerance level.
  2. Consider the sweet taste of glycerin for a pleasant experience.
  3. Explore sublingual use for faster absorption and efficient effects.
  4. Experiment with dosages and keep track of your experience for personalized adjustments.

Can Glycerin-Based Cannabis Tinctures Provide the Same Benefits as Other Tinctures?

Glycerin-based cannabis tinctures offer similar benefits as other tinctures. They can provide relief from pain, inflammation, anxiety, and other medical conditions. The glycerin base makes them suitable for those who prefer a non-alcoholic option. Cannabis tinctures benefits are well-documented and can be obtained from glycerin-based variations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Make Tincture With Glycerin?

When making tincture with glycerin, I infuse it for potency. Glycerin allows precise dosage control, resulting in a sweet tincture with health benefits. Options for flavors abound, enhancing the experience of this herbal remedy.

Is Glycerin or Alcohol Better for Tinctures?

Glycerin, known for its sweetness, is an alcohol alternative for tinctures. While alcohol efficiently extracts, glycerin's process varies. Alcohol preserves longer, but glycerin is potent. Choose based on extraction needs and desired effects.

What Is the Best Liquid for Cannabis Tincture?

The best liquid for cannabis tincture is glycerin due to its benefits like alcohol-free extraction, sweet taste for flavor options, accurate dosage control, and decent shelf life. Glycerin offers a potent and versatile solution.

How Long Does Glycerin Tincture Take?

Extraction time for a glycerin tincture varies but typically lasts 1-6 weeks. The infusion process involves decarboxylation and soaking. Potency levels depend on duration and quality of cannabis used. Flavor profiles develop over time. Store in a cool, dark place.


To summarize, creating cannabis tincture using glycerin is a straightforward and efficient way to experience the benefits of cannabis without the requirement for smoking or vaping.

By following the steps outlined above, you can make your own tincture at home and customize the potency to suit your individual needs.

Remember to start with low doses and store the tincture in the fridge for maximum freshness and effectiveness.

Enjoy the therapeutic effects of your homemade cannabis tincture responsibly.