General Summit Day

 2:45 PM – 3:45 PM


Cannabis legalization abroad offers opportunities for American cannabis businesses to expand their markets, but the international drug control framework lags behind recent drug policy reforms in countries like Uruguay, Jamaica and Canada, presenting risks and obstacles to building an international cannabis industry. UN drug conventions bind signatories to prohibitionist national policies, impeding reforms and creating obstacles for ordinary businesses transactions and nascent international trade. Courts in the US and abroad could block reform and industry progress on the basis of treaty obligations.

This panel focuses on the business case for reforming multilateral drug treaties to protect existing state industries and facilitate international trade, and discusses recent developments at the UN and upcoming opportunities for advancing international drug policy reform. Existing cannabis businesses could play an increasingly important role in advocating for change during a pro-business presidential administration. 

In this session, participants will discuss: 

❖ Implications of the international drug treaties for further state & national legalization and international trade & commerce in the cannabis industry

❖ Opportunities for cannabis businesses to affect international law and policy through advocacy

❖ Strategies for cannabis businesses to grow market share

Betty Aldworth

Executive DirectorStudents for Sensible Drug Policy

David Borden

Founder & Executive

Session Host: Khurshid Khoja

PrincipalGreenbridge Corporate Counsel

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