Master Gardener Level III
Quantum 9, Inc.

Ed Rosenthal is among the world’s foremost experts on cannabis cultivation. His passion for discovering, developing, and sharing innovative, effective, and nontoxic gardening techniques and tools takes him around the globe. Rosenthal has always seen marijuana as an important social issue, and its use as a personal right. His vigorous efforts have contributed greatly to the changes we see today. He has written or edited numerous books on marijuana cultivation, culture, and policy.

His Marijuana Grower’s Handbook—the official course book at Oaksterdam University, a leading trade school for the cannabis industry—helped revolutionize the field. Rosenthal’s “Ask Ed” grow advice column ran in High Times for more than two decades, and he continues to publish domestically and internationally. His botanical research led to the development of Ed Rosenthal’s Zero Tolerance®, a line of natural pesticides and fungicides.

Currently Rosenthal works as a consultant for commercial growers, both independently and as a Master Grower with Quantum 9, a cannabis consulting and technology firm. His studies continue to influence myriad facets of the rapidly expanding world of cannabis now.

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