Understanding food safety code can be daunting even with a law degree and a magnifying glass for the fine print. So how can cannabis businesses expect to become compliant without spending hours pouring over hundreds of pages of regulations?

The answer is to enroll in a food safety certification course that’s designed specifically for your industry. For Maureen McNamara of Cannabis Trainers, it’s all about creating an interactive environment where people feel comfortable asking questions and getting the information they need to make infused products safely — not a tiresome lecture and a test.

For cannabis trainings, McNamara dials in to the specific needs of edible manufacturers and the cannabis industry. At a Cannabis Trainers event like the one McNamara is holding at the infused products symposium on October 29th, she dissects the food code and teaches only what you need to know to extract and infuse safely.

Through small group conversations and direct questions, you’ll feel comfortable asking the questions you were afraid to ask. And by the end of the day, you’ll gain a deep understanding of best practices in food safety.

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